Pass a Hair Drug Test

4 Little-Known Factors That Could Help You Pass a Hair Drug Test

Many people assume that whether you fail or you pass a hair drug test that there is not much they can do to influence the outcome. In reality, there are steps you can take that can impact whether you pass a hair drug test which I’ll outline below.

1. Quitting Using Drugs Will Help You Pass a Hair Drug Test

This should sound obvious but the second that you find out that you have a drug test in your future, stop using drugs! You are only compounding the problem if you continue to use drugs.

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The drug test looks at your previous 90 days of hair growth and if you continue to feed more drugs into your hair, you aren’t doing yourself any favors.

2. Time Will Help You Pass a Hair Drug Test

The one thing we must always keep in mind is that we’re really playing a time game. If you’ve quit using drugs, every day you can postpone the hair drug test is one more day of clean hair that you have to submit.

While many people who have court ordered or other mandatory drug test have less room to maneuver here, people who are taking “voluntary” hair drug tests like a pre-employment drug screening have a lot more options.

Think of all of the different ways that you can delay the drug test for as long as possible to give yourself 90 days clean. You can postpone interviews, request all sorts of clarifications to the job offer to postpone accepting, and so on, which all buy you time.

For instance, here are a few examples of ways to draw out the interview process if you know that the job offer is conditional on passing a drug test.

Them: “Can you come in and interview with the hiring manager on Monday?”

You: “I would love to but the only problem is that we’re doing our annual inventory close out and not only would it look a little suspicious if I took off in the middle of the day but it really wouldn’t be fair to my current employer. We should be done by Friday though. Can we schedule it for Friday?”

Them: “Oh, well the hiring manager is booked on Friday but how about the following Monday?”

You: “Great. Let’s do it then.”

You just bought yourself a week of clean time.

And this doesn’t have to work just for “voluntary” drug tests. If you have a mandated drug test are there ways that you can postpone it? It’s really just a matter of creativity. I heard from one guy who scheduled a medical procedure as soon as he heard about the test. Between his recovery time, strategically scheduling doctor follow ups, and such bought himself close to a month of clean time.

Obviously, that’s not to imply that you subject yourself to unnecessary medical procedures but I did want to illustrate that creativity is the key.

Pass a Hair Drug Test

3. Knowing Your Actual Risk Profile Will Help You Pass a Hair Drug Test

Many people who take drug tests for marijuana are at a very low risk of failing. THC metabolites don’t bind to the hair efficiently and even the drug companies will admit that they have a hard time detecting infrequent marijuana use even if it has occurred within the 90-day testing window.

What that means is that most people have little or nothing to worry about. Yes, it can be stressful until you get that call that your drug test came back negative but, in reality, there was very little risk anyway.

One of the best ways to determine your exact risk is to have yourself tested. If you have the time, having a drug testing facility subject your hair to the same exact testing that will be performed by your company or the courts or whoever, is, by far, the most accurate way to determine your risk.

The drug testing labs are for-profit companies so they’ll accept your money just as quickly as they’ll accept anyone else’s. Quest Diagnostics, Psychemedics, and Lab Corp are the biggest testing labs out there. Just go to their websites and find a local testing facility and get yourself tested.

4. Knowing the Process Will Help You Pass a Hair Drug Test

I add this mostly because there is so much bogus information floating around out on the internet about whether or not you can pass a hair drug test. Some people will tell you that hair drug tests can test all the way back and tell if your great grandmother smoked a joint. Others will tell you that you can avoid testing positive on a hair drug test by shaving your head.

Most of what’s out there on the internet is total garbage. It’s one of the reasons I started this site. It took me hundreds of hours of research to get the facts about hair follicle drug testing and after I passed my test I felt like there should be one place for people to go and get the facts.

Learning as much as you can about the hair drug testing process will not only give you some peace of mind but you’ll understand exactly what your risks are, what you need to do if you are at risk of failing a hair drug test, and allow you to go into this fully empowered.


They sat that the best defense is a good offense. That is a saying that works well with hair drug testing. The better armed you are with information the better position you are in to pass a hair drug test.

Good luck!