Connecticut Drug Testing Law


A really bizarre drug testing case has come out of Connecticut recently.  In the case of Schofield v. Loureiro Engineering Associates, Inc., the courts have found that Connecticut drug testing laws only apply to urinalysis testing and not to hair follicle drug testing. Actually, the fact that the state offers any protection was somewhat of a surprise.  Apparently, … Read more

Drug Testing Market Expected to Grow to $3.4B by 2018

drug testing market

According to a recent report by Transparency Market Research Drugs of Abuse Testing Market, the drug testing market is expected to grow to $3.4 billion in revenues by 2018. I often have people claim that the drug testing industry is a neutral, unbiased, scientific service.  It’s not. While I believe that the drug testing labs and … Read more

Medical Marijuana? You Can Still Be Fired


There was a story out of Colorado today which illustrates some of the asinine rules concerning medical marijuana.  Although both medical and recreational use of marijuana is legal in the state, an employer can still terminate your employment based on testing positive on a drug test. Unfortunately many employers haven’t caught up with the times. … Read more

Shaving Your Head to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test? Think Again

Shaving your head to pass a hair follicle drug test

Shaving your head to pass a hair follicle drug test is probably the biggest myth about the hair follicle drug test going around on the internet.  I’ve seen it offered, seriously, as advice hundreds, if not thousands, of times.  On message boards, on Yahoo Answers, and blogs all have people recommending that the ONLY way … Read more

Welfare Drug Testing

Welfare drug testing, or put more simply, conditioning the receipt of welfare benefits on the passing of a drug test has become quite the rage in many states. In 2013 alone, 30 states proposed bills that in some way or another attempted to tie welfare benefits to drug testing. A common argument by proponents of … Read more