Don’t Shave Your Head – HighTimes Gets It Wrong!

Recently High Times magazine published an article exposing myths about drug testing.  However, they rehash a thoroughly debunked myth in doing so.

For Myth #4 All Drug Tests Are Urine Tests they state:

Learn How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test

There is only one hair treatment method that has consistently produced "Passes" on the hair drug test and we want to show you how you can pass your test too.    

high times hair test

If you shave your head before a hair follicle drug test they will simply collect hair from another part of your body.  Remember, you have hair on your arms, chest (for men), and legs.

You have done absolutely nothing to prevent the collection of hair.

But wait, what if you shave off all of the hair on your body?  You’re good, right?

Nope.  Remember that having no hair to submit for a hair follicle drug test is considered the same as saying, “No, I won’t submit to your drug test.”  If you’re applying for a job, forget it. They will toss your application in the trash and not even think twice.  If you were ordered to submit a sample by a court, congratulations, you’re now in contempt of court.

Do not shave your head to try and beat a hair follicle drug test!  Don’t do it!

Another thing the writer gets wrong is saying that hair follicle tests are impossible to beat.  They aren’t.  The hair follicle drug test can be beat.

Not only are there countless examples of people who have beat the hair follicle drug test but the drug testing industry admits that aggressive hair bleaching reduces the amount of THC metabolites (as well as other drug metabolites) in the hair.

Of course, we’re not talking about the lightening job you might get done at the local hair salon.  It takes a pretty dedicated effort to reduce the amount of drug metabolites in the hair enough to fall below detection levels, but it’s scientifically verifiable that it can be done simply by testing hair samples before and after treatments.

It’s rather ironic that the author sets out to debunk drug testing myths and then introduces two drug testing myths in order to make his point.  But that is what they are, myths.  You cannot beat a hair follicle drug test if you shave your head and hair follicle tests are not impossible to beat.

Most of the focus on passing drug tests centers on the most common type of testing, urine testing.  For that reason, a lot of people just assume that the hair follicle test can’t be beat and that you’re doomed.  It’s not true.  Their lack of education on the hair follicle drug test is the problem.

The hair follicle drug test is beatable and there is no need to ever shave your head to try and beat a hair follicle drug test.