Do You Have Trace Amounts of Cocaine On Your Hands?

There may be some people who have never taken a drug in their life who might be surprised to find out that if they were given a drug test, they could test positive for trace amounts of drugs.

According to a new study published in the Journal of Clinical Chemistry 10% of sober, drug-free test subjects tested positive for trace amounts of cocaine or heroin.

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While the amounts in this study may have been below the threshold for detection for most employment or court-ordered drug tests, it’s scary to know that these drugs are everywhere and, in rare cases, could lead to a positive test results.

You’re Probably Carrying Drugs Right Now

Where is this cocaine and heroin coming from if the test subjects were drug-free? It’s hard to trace exactly where but a good guess would be from their wallets. Several studies over the years have shown that up to 90% of US currency has trace amounts of cocaine.

Trace Amounts of Drugs Could Be a Big Problem

In theory, if one were to have handled money that contained more than trace amounts of cocaine or other drugs before taking a urine drug test, they could contaminate their own sample handling the specimen container or during giving the sample.

And although hair follicle drug tests supposedly clean the hair before testing to eliminate the possibility of contact exposure to drugs, there is always the possibility of such contamination.

For instance, one of our readers relayed to us that during her hair follicle drug test, the lab tech removed the scissors from the sterile packaging and then set them down on an unprotected counter. Even worse, he dropped the sample collection foil pack.

Who is to know what trace amount of drugs may be on the counters of floors of a drug testing lab.