Companies That Do Hair Follicle Tests

In order to arm you with the information that you may need to pass a hair follicle drug test, below is a list of companies that do hair follicle tests:



Quest Diagnostics

Omega Laboratories


American Screening Corp

Fastest Labs

ARCpoint Labs


The list above is not a complete list of companies that do hair follicle testing but it should be a good start if you are looking for a hair follicle drug testing lab.

Please note that LabCorp, Psychemedics, and Quest Diagnostics are the most frequently used drug testing laboratories that actually perform their own testing.  Other laboratories often send their samples to these three companies to perform the actual testing.

Some other companies listed that do hair follicle testing are what are referred to as “collection centers”. ¬†They will take the hair sample at their facilities and then send the hair samples to one of the testing laboratories previously mentioned.

If you go to the websites of the three main testing laboratories, they have collection centers listed on their sites so you can contact a collection center closest to you.

hair follicle drug test lab


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