Lab Owner Falsifies Drug Tests

An Ozark, Alabama lab test collection business owner, Brandy Murrah, pleaded guilty to felony charges of perjury and 16 misdemeanor counts of forgery.

Murrah was arrested on charges of falsifying the results of drug screenings done at A&J Lab Collections where she was the owner.

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The company primarily performed tests for the Dale County Department of Human Resources which decided many court cases based on her falsified test results, in some cases leading to children being separated from their parents.

In one case, Jennifer Severs was engaged in a custody battle with her ex-husband.  Murrah took hair follicle samples of Severs for a drug screening where Murrah’s company reported her testing positive.  Severs took additional drug tests which all came back negative.

Baffled by the positive drug test result she reached out to the doctor listed on the results form and was informed by the physician that he had never performed the test despite Murrah signing off on a statement and testifying that the test had been performed.

It took months for Severs to regain custody of her children after she was denied custody based on the falsified drug test results.

In all, Murrah plead guilty to forging the results on 16 separate drug tests and 1 count of perjury.  The judge sentenced Murrah to 15 years in prison for the havoc she inflicted on the people she falsified drug test results on.

This is yet another example of why we cannot simply rely on drug tests to separate people from their children or send them to prison.

Not only do they offer known false-positives but they are inexact and ultimately we have to rely on the honesty of the people conducting or certifying the tests.

The scientists that have developed these tests know the flaws in the testing but the drug testing companies make too much money pushing drug testing.

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash