Why Hair Drug Test Shampoos Don’t Work

If you’ve done any amount of research into passing a hair follicle drug test, you’ve undoubtedly come across tons of ads and websites claiming you can eliminate drugs from your hair via shampoos. Unfortunately, much of the information about hair drug test shampoos is either out of date or misleading so I wanted to clear things up.

Types of Hair Drug Test Shampoos

First off, there are two major types of hair drug test shampoos:

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A masking drug test shampoo is designed to create some sort of seal around the hair follicle which, in theory, would interfere with the drug test.

Believe it or not, these actually used to work and had some limited success. But the drug testing labs have changed how they process hair samples over the years in order to prevent this type of tampering. Today, hairs are washed before testing begins to remove any residue or masking agents so that has left the masking agent shampoos completely ineffective.

The second type of shampoo is a cleanser. They all claim to work in various ways and they say things like they can “detox” the hair but in reality, most products are just variations on clarifying shampoos used by swimmers to remove chlorine from hair. Basically, you’re buying something for $50 which can be purchased at a beauty supply store for $10.

Now, it’s not that these shampoos won’t bind with and remove various chemicals from your hair. They do. It’s that the drug metabolites you’re trying to eliminate from your hair follicle are generally too well protected from the shampoos by the hair cuticle. It’s like trying to clean the inside of your car by spraying the outside with water.

In order for these hair drug test shampoos to have any sort of significant impact they need access deep into the hair shaft where the drug metabolites are. Since your hair naturally prohibits exactly that, the results of just using a hair drug test shampoo are going to be minimal at best.

The Truth About Hair Drug Test Shampoo Testimonials

Of course, you’ll read tons of “testimonials” on the websites of the people who sell these hair drug test shampoos and you may even know a guy who knows a guy who used some shampoo that he bought in a head shop that he claims made him pass a hair follicle drug test but I classify most of this to the following:

1. Many testimonials are completely fabricated. They’re 100% written by the product manufacturer or the webmaster of the site you’re buying the product from.

2. The testimonials and anecdotal tales of passing a hair follicle drug test using a shampoo are from people who would have passed anyway.

As I’ve detailed in other articles on this site, hair follicle drug tests are not very good at detecting infrequent marijuana usage. Even the drug testing companies will grudgingly admit this (and they have in research papers).

So, the testimonial from Bob in Wichita who says he passed a hair follicle drug exam because he used Super Detox 1000 shampoo is highly suspect since we have no idea whether or not Bob actually had a detectable amount of THC metabolites in his hair to begin with. Just because he smoked a fat doobie at a concert 3 weeks ago doesn’t mean he would have failed. In fact, I think most people knowledgable about how hair follicle drug testing for marijuana would say he’s got a 99% chance of passing.

So even when the seller of a shampoo product is not fraudulently posting fake testimonials, they’re selectively posting testimonials from people they have no idea whether their product helped or not.

Just to illustrate this, I could go to the supermarket and buy a case of vitamin C and put it in my own packaging and sell it on the internet as a way to pass a hair follicle drug test. Since a very high percentage of my buyers are going to be people who have smoked a few joints here and there over the last few months and are at a low risk of testing positive, I’m going to get some people emailing me telling me that I have the greatest product in the world and my super pills helped them pass the drug test.

But did it? No. It did absolutely nothing to help them.

If these drug test shampoos actually worked, they would publish before and after numbers of THC metabolites detected. They would go to a drug testing lab and get a test performed on a hair sample, show the before results, and then treat their hair with shampoo and go get another drug test performed and show the after results.

Why do you think no drug test shampoo has ever done this? Because nobody would buy their product if they saw the scientific evidence.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure out of all of the hair drug test shampoos for sale, some of them actually believe they’re helping people. They get a few emails from satisfied customers and they take that as proof that their product actually works.

But it doesn’t. They’re getting their positive feedback from people who would have passed with or without the shampoo.

If you want to learn about a way to pass a hair follicle drug test that you can actually measure before and after results, I invite your to either poke around this site for other articles on the subject or you can buy my eBook which details a very specific treatment you can perform on your hair that you’re more than free to scientifically test. In fact, I highly recommend getting your own hair follicle drug test before you have to go in for the real thing so you know exactly what you’re starting point is and whether you need to even do the treatment at all.