Hair Follicle Drug Test Lab Hacked

A leading hair follicle drug test lab, Quest Diagnostics, recently announced that it is investigating an unauthorized intrusion (aka hacking) that has exposed the personal details of approximately 34,000 individuals.

According to the company, the hack took place on November 26th of this year using their online software. The company says that it believes that this information has not been misused by the hackers.

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It’s hard to say what is and isn’t misuse though. The mere fact that this information has been accessed by an unauthorized third-party (i.e. hackers) would seem like the patient information was indeed misused. Whether or not it has been misused in a harmful manner to the patients is an entirely separate question.

The company says that it is notifying those who have their personal data compromised. However, in many other data compromises, the list of impacted users has grown after the initial reporting of the security breach so it would be a good idea to continue to monitor the situation to make sure that Quest Diagnostics has nipped this in the bud and has accurately identified the scope of the breach.

Quest Diagnostics said in a statement that the data that the unauthorized users stole was limited to name, date of birth, lab results, and in some cases, the patient’s telephone number.

Not knowing the intent of the hackers, anybody who has recently gone to a Quest Diagnostics testing facility should be extra cautious if they get strange phone calls or other contacts from anybody that they do not readily recognize.

For instance, the hackers could call up people who had a positive drug test result and claim to be a law firm that can guarantee that they can get the decision reversed, for a fee.

Just be extra careful.