Hair Follicle Test for Marijuana Facts

It’s difficult to get reliable information about hair follicle testing for marijuana because both the people who order hair follicle tests and those that offer testing have a vested interest in littering the internet with FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt).

Just look at some of stuff floating around out there.

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Hair Follicle Drug Testing Lie 1


Somehow this guy’s response was rated as the best answer.  First off, you cannot just shave your head because you also have hair on your arms, legs, chest, underarms, facial hair, eyebrows, etc.

Don’t you think your employer or the drug testing company might be a little suspicious if you showed up with a wig or suddenly bald?  They’re not total idiots.

Hair Follicle Drug Testing Lie 2


While this guy seems to at least understand some of the reasoning why employers have issues with marijuana usage (even if you’re never high on the job) chances are if you used once or twice in the last 90 (not 9090) days you will not test positive on a hair follicle drug test.

According to a Medical Review Officer, “Hair testing for marijuana is much less sensitive for isolated/infrequent use than testing for other drugs such as cocaine. If you only used 3 times during the previous 90 days or more, then it is likely (although not 100% sure), that you will actually pass the test.”

In a paper published by Dr. Robert L. DuPont titled, “Random Student Drug Tests, Are They Effective for Identifying Occasional Drug Users?” he states: “Thus although hair testing has a far longer surveillance window than urine or saliva there is a threshold of drug use frequency for marijuana (but not other drugs) that makes detecting occasional or infrequent marijuana use by hair testing unlikely.”

Sorry, but the scientific evidence doesn’t support the notion that taking a single hit in the last 90 days is a 100% fail.  In fact, for most infrequent users, they will not test positive.

Hair Follicle Drug Testing Lie 3


This is total garbage.  They do not pluck hair from your head.  The documented procedure which you can find on many drug testing lab websites is to cut your hair with scissors generating 90 – 120 strands of hair (approximately 100 milligrams by weight) of approx. 1.5 inches or more in length.

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people have had hair follicle drug tests, so why is this Badge203 offering his opinion on what the testing process is if he doesn’t have any clue? I’m sure he or she is well intentioned but he’s speaking like he has some sort of knowledge on the subject when clearly he doesn’t.


Hair Follicle Drug Testing Lie 4


Another person who clearly knows absolutely nothing about the hair follicle sample collection process speaking with authority on the subject.

Hair Follicle Drug Testing Lie 5

While that may be true for urine testing, it has nothing to do with hair follicle testing.

Hair Follicle Drug Testing Lie 6


Thank you for the condescending attitude, Madison.  Hate to break it to you but:

a)  You’re wrong

b)  What price is there to pay for doing drugs?  Losing your job because you sparked up on your own time?  Having your kids taken away from you?  Going to jail?

Hair Follicle Drug Testing Lie 7


Why do people post this garbage when you can go right to the drug testing website and they tell you flat out that they only test going back 90 days?  Plus there’s the fact that the farther they attempt to go back the less reliable the results are because the drugs in your hair tend to degrade at an unpredictable rate which renders the tests highly inaccurate.

Okay, here are the facts about hair follicle drug testing for marijuana:

Hair Follicle Test for Marijuana Fact #1: Hair follicle drug testing only goes back 90 days

Hair Follicle Test for Marijuana Fact #2: The hair is cut (with scissors) from your head.  It is not plucked.

Hair Follicle Test for Marijuana Fact #3: A hair follicle drug test can be beat.  In fact, I beat the hair follicle drug test.  I know hundreds of other people who have beat the hair follicle drug test.  Anybody who says it is unbeatable is either uninformed or has a vested interest in making you believe that the test can’t be beat.

Hair Follicle Test for Marijuana Fact #4: For infrequent users of marijuana the accuracy of hair follicle drug testing is very low.  In doing my research I found quotes from doctors and scientific papers showing that marijuana is often undetectable at testing levels for infrequent users.

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