Hair Follicle Drug Test Lab Hacked

A leading hair follicle drug test lab, Quest Diagnostics, recently announced that it is investigating an unauthorized intrusion (aka hacking) that has exposed the personal details of approximately 34,000 individuals. According to the company, the hack took place on November 26th of this year using their online software. The company says that it believes that … Read more

Hair Drug Testing for Marijuana Debunked by German Scientists

Hair Drug Testing for Marijuana Debunked by German Scientists

We’ve long held that hair drug testing for marijuana was an inaccurate science at best.  Study after study has shown that the absorption rate of THC metabolites into hair follicles is an unreliable method of determining drug usage. Now there’s some science to back that up. Researchers at the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Freiburg, Germany, … Read more

Is Hair Follicle Drug Testing Racial Biased?


With millions of hair follicle drug tests administered every year, police and unions are beginning to ask whether hair follicle drug testing is racially biased. It’s not a new charge directed at the drug testing industry.  In fact, from the very beginning many people questioned whether people with more melanin in their hair would test positive … Read more

Rosie O’Donnell Reportedly Failed a Hair Follicle Drug Test


According to the celeb gossip sites, Rosie O’Donnell reportedly failed a hair follicle drug test.  According to gossip rags, O’Donnell is involved in a child custody battle with ex, Michelle Rounds, over their 2-year-old daughter, Dakota. O’Donnell submitted a hair follicle drug sample which, allegedly, came back positive for marijuana. The story is somewhat suspect though … Read more